holly & kc

Lavender inspired save the dates and wedding suite for Holly & KC's Hershey, Pennsylvania Wedding. Day of items include menus, programs, and custom labels for wine made by the bride and her father.

Photographer:  Brianna Wilbur Photography 

Weding Beshore-01 Bridal Details-0006.jpg
Weding Beshore-07 Reception-0008.jpg
Weding Beshore-07 Reception-0029.jpg
Weding Beshore-05 Ceremony-0001.jpg
Weding Beshore-03 Portraits-0034.jpg
Weding Beshore-03 Portraits-0085.jpg
Weding Beshore-07 Reception-0028.jpg
Weding Beshore-04 Bridal Party-0074.jpg
Weding Beshore-05 Ceremony-0021.jpg